Co-founding sisters, Mary & Patty are putting the true flavor of apples back into applesauce! Our sauce is made with only the best, most flavorful apples available, following the truest standards of heirloom tradition. Each jar of of Heirloom Goodness is hand-made with love that your family is sure to enjoy as a snack or with any great meal. There is always room on the table for a tasty treat packed with nutrition and only all-natural ingredients.

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Our mission is to bring the True Flavor and Wholesomeness of Apples back to Applesauce! We continue to try different varieties focusing on the ever elusive, older Heirloom Apple that was a staple on Southern farms as far back as the 1600’s! Heirloom Goodness offers a seasonal variety depending on availability; Crispin, Cortland, Jonathan, Winesap and 2 with no sugar added: Jonagold and Fuji Pink. There are at least 5 and as many as 8 apples in every pint which makes our applesauce unique! We are passionate about apples and preserving the natural goodness into every jar of sauce!


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